A touch of color

Shot for String Magazine’s online relaunch. Liz wanted to do one of those subtle-but-not themes with makeup. I suspect that she just likes making mess. I haven’t done crispy lighting for awhile (that’s how I think of it, but I don’t really know what it’s called) and it was good to get through a shoot without wearing a respirator.

We are gearing  up for building a set to shoot on for the next print issue of String, I am going to be making a leaded glass window for it … so stay tuned for that!

Here’s the “cover”:

The whole story is here or, if you prefer the uneditorial version, go here.

Circulate me

I was interviewed in early spring, via telephone, by Pork and Mead Magazine for a mini feature and the interview and a couple photos appear in the current issue (April/May 2012). You can register and download a free digital copy or buy a print version (go ahead – they will love you!).

It is interesting and instructive to see how the telephone interview translated… Is that my voice, did I say that? Is that the way I sound when I talk about what I do? Hm … Pretentious … moi?


Accidental Beauty

Due to a bellows extension miscalculation this portrait came up a little more moody than I had intended. I’m ok with it. Christina, you’re beautiful!


Behind the Masque

I realize looking through the few posts I have here up to this date that you may get the impression I don’t shoot digitally anymore … Digital photography carries on as usual though, both for my usual corporate/commercial clients and the odd editorial. I worked with Liz a couple months ago on a project of her devising that was recently published in See 7. The best telling of the story for you is done by Liz herself on the See 7 blog, click here for that read. The story itself can be viewed here (although I am not sure how relevant that link will be as it ages, so click here to see the story hosted from my own server).

Our friend James, a previous portrait victim, came by and shot some video and put together a sweet little bts video:


Liz’s masks are so beautiful I could not resist using them for my own purposes. I have begun shooting a short series of photos – using the collodion process (surprise!) – that gravitate towards classical figurative images. Below is a teaser. I will trot out the rest of the photos once I have finished shooting them and then you can buy them!