Fred here. I’m a photographer. I have been photographing professionally for over 20 years – ads, editorials, corporate communications and collateral, portraits, industrial facilities and interiors and exteriors. I am a people shooter.

I have also worked on the design production side of the commercial arts, working with Quark Xpress (yup, I’m that old) and then InDesign to produce an array of printed product. That’s only important because it means I understand the workflow from start to finish … I know how much type you have to squeeze in.

As you may have noticed if you have visited my web site, I now lead a double life as a portrait photographer working with 100+ year old gear and a photographic process that dates from the 1850′s to make old school portraits. It’s about as far from digital photography as you can get without mixing linseed oil into pigment.

For a more light hearted bio and a list of clients please visit the About page on my web site.

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