Imaginaceous Syncronicity

I had envisioned this shot a long time ago. I had intended to shoot it, or something like it with another woman with a large taxidermy collection about a year ago … but life kept getting in the way with other demands and inconveniences.

I have photographed Kristy a couple times before – most recently for Wedluxe. She also has a taxidermy collection, a rather bizarre one as it happens, so when Liz described a shot she wanted to do that meshed so closely with a shot that I had envisioned (a decade+ of working together … we rub off on each other I think; imaginaceous syncronicity) I thought of Kristy straight off.

These photos will be available for sale in the near future – both prints and the original glass plates – as a part of a growing collection of “art” images I am accumulating.

Liz has a post on her blog with some bts on making the antler harness.

PS: Imaginaceous Syncronicity … I may no longer be a teenager, but I can still invent words.