I am a photographer, made in Canada, 99.9% natural ingredients …

This is where I am supposed to tell you about how I was given a camera when I was 2 months old and took a ton of artistic photos of everyone's feet, then later, in high school, took Pulitzer winning photos of the cheerleaders, attending some University with the intention of getting a PhD in molecular biology but couldn't deny my artistic inclinations so I went on to get my BFA at some important art school and parleyed that all into award winning photos shot for Nike, Microsoft, Apple and Coca Cola once I turned pro at 19 years of age.

It would be a whopping lie of course and while the truth might be slightly less impressive ... but more entertaining, I am going to save that story for when we are on set together.

After many (many) years producing photos and artwork in the realm of corporate and advertising world (with a bit of fashion mixed in) I have left that work behind to pursue photography more closely related to my chief obsession - portrait work and portrait driven fashion work. While I'm still happy to take commissions, my photography is shot more the people looking for something to decorate their walls and mantles with. But, just for old time's sake, here's a list of the fine people I have worked for in the ol' glory days: